Our show 'Spinning a Tale' is flying to Myanmar to the international Puppet Theater Festival

Created by: Hadas Tzadik and Rina Pinchover

Direction: Yael Erlich-Morag

Original music Composition: Ido Roth

 Produced by Bait 9

הצגת הילדים חד ושתיים
Spinning a Tale

Bait 9 School of Puppetry Theater, Dolls and Acting

Bait-9 was foundedi 2005 in down town Haifa, as a non profit organization aimed at promoting the art of puppetry, fringe, and visual theater. Bait-9 operates  three schools of activity: Puppetry, Fringe theater and Wood carving

The Wood Carving Center is ths only one of its kindin Israel.It was borne by the love for wood ,craftsmanship and respect for traditional methods. The center has been operating for eight  consecutive years, and provides an opportunity to learn the art of wood carving in a professional, artistic and supportive way. The center offers a well-equipped workshop and wood carving courses, thought to artists, sculptors, puppeteers, and anyone who interested in trying their talents in this field.

Most of the work carried out with Tilia(Linden)wood , which is imported from Europe, and is also the national tree of P rouge – the city of marionettes and toys. The sculpting id done with chisels and knives, without hammers in most of the casas, while taking the wood  fibers  structure in account.

There is no use of force in the work , but mostly paying attention  to the wood with a gentle approach toward it.

The work begins with a visual idea, planning and designing the structure of the object. Then a technical drawing is made with a consideration of the joints and there movement, so at the end of the carving process the puppet can stand up and come alive.

The painting of the wood is done using  traditional techniques with oil paints and beeswax, which do not seal the wood and allow it to continue breathing.

Every summer a wood carving marathon takes place at Bait-9, which become a magnet  for those interests in the field .

The courses in the center are thought by Gidy Avishai  a carpenter and a mechanical toys specialist, and Yel Erlich Morage , the founder and the director of Bait-9

bait9 - Woodcarving

The Woodcarving Center at Bait 9 has been operating for eight years, offering an opportunity to learn the art of woodcarving in a professional, artistic and supportive environment – in a well-equipped workshop.

The woodcarving center was born of the love of wood and handicrafts and respect for traditional methods.

Woodcarving students include creative artists, sculpturers, puppetry artists and anyone who wants to experience and get going…

Bait 9 woodcarving courses are taught by Yael Erlich Morag – a puppetry artist, a graduate of woodcarving studies in Prague and the founder of Bait 9 along with Gidi Avishai – a woodworker and mechanical toy artist

We teach woodcarving starting from the basics, and no prior knowledge necessary

Woodcarving does not require physical power

We invite you to visit our woodcarving center to begin working on your project

Bait 9 Theater

A quality theatre operates in Bait 9 and serves as a home for puppetry artists and as a creative center for fringe plays.

Our plays offer the audience an innovative theatrical experience using rich visual language and based on communication with the audience.

The theater’s repertoire includes seventeen quality plays for adults and for the entire family.

Bait 9 plays can be seen throughout Israel and at festivals abroad, in schools, community centers, kindergartens and libraries.

A play for the entire family is offered on the first Saturday of every month.

The theatre is recognized and supported by the Culture Administration.